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Problems We Solve

SAL’s perception management consultancy addresses the three most significant problems organizations are continually battling. The Three Aspects That Contribute To Business Growth And Sustainability.

SAL-Problems We Solve

Perception Audit

We capture stakeholder and marketplace insights across platforms about your brand/business and enable you make fact-based decisions to resolve impending issues.

Perception Audit

Employee Perception Audit

Our Audit is designed to examine internal factors that impact employee satisfaction levels and performance that prove to affect the overall performance of the business or brand.

Visual Brand Audit

Our Audit analyses the identity and image of a brand across all communication platforms with a goal to ensure that the branding is consistent and conveys the right message.

Digital Audit

Brand Digital Audit

Our Brand Digital Audit is an analysis of your brand’s digital infrastructure. We guide you to start your digital journey by providing a comprehensive analysis of your online presence.

Brand Image Audit

Our Audit is intended to identify the hidden perceptions of both internal and external stakeholders of a brand or business. This could ideally include every segment of the stakeholder value chain.

Perception Strategy Development

We help define your image and craft a new competitive position to take your business to the next level, drive growth and create an impact.

Positioning Consultancy

Our Positioning Consultancy helps define and refine your brand’s position in the marketplace thereby to ensure that your strategic intent is well perceived.


Brand Consultancy

Our Brand Consultancy not only focuses on the creative representation of your brand but helps align your business strategy to your brand story.


Perception Strategy Consultancy

Our Perception Strategy Consultancy ensures to incline your brand’s marketing strategy to impact and improve stakeholder communication.

Perception Management

We secure your brand’s image and reputation amongst both your internal and external stakeholders through a curated perception exercise.


Brand Identity Consultancy

Our Brand Identity Consultancy is intended to create a fresh visual identity of your brand to break-through the clutter, craft a new competitive position to drive growth and refresh your brands promise and better communicate what you stand for.


Strategic PR Consultancy

Our Strategic PR Consultancy for both professional and personal brands is intended to assist the transformation of static news about your brand into mainstream conversations.

Digital Strategy and Marketing

Our Strategy integrates your brand, marketing and business model in the light of digital disruption. We partner your development of technology solutions and facilitate increased customer reach and acquisition through an integrated campaign approach.

Market Entry Consultancy

We guide and help companies through the process of setting up their business in international markets.

Feasibility Study

Our Feasibility Study is a complete analysis of the market & competition based on industry facts to help access your chances of survival and sustenance.

Road Show

Business Roadshows

We organize Business Roadshows with relevant industry stakeholders to help understand ground reality.

Crisis Communication Consultancy

We harness the power of integrated communication to address issues, help create a positive climate for your brand and better communicate what you stand for.

Crisis Preparedness Workshop

It takes years to make a brand and a single crisis to break the legacy. Our workshop is intended to help client organizations be prepared to cope with immediate and future crisis situations.

Crisis Handling

There’s no short of potentially business ending risks in today’s world. Our expert crisis advisory and handling is centered around addressing various crisis situations (internal & external) businesses face.

Leadership Branding Consultancy

We help refine your positioning as a leader in the marketplace and rationalize the voice and face of your brand to facilitate due recognition, reputation and revenue generation.

Corporate Branding

We help brands find new ways of promoting their business, increase market share and attract new customers.

Personal Branding

As a professional, your brand is your greatest asset. Our personal branding module is a comprehensive approach to help transform your image from a person to a brand.

Investor Relations

We advise companies on their brand positioning, representation and ongoing engagement with the investment community, as well as through major transformations and special situations such as IPO’s, leadership transitions and transaction communications.

Financial Communications

We help brands communicate through their transformations and special situations such as IPO’s, leadership transitions and transaction communications.

Investor Identification

Investor communication takes a lot of skill that is often perfected by a select few. We help clients through the investor Identification regime and draw attention to the most important aspects of the brand we promote.

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