Transformational Therapy Using Genetic Science. UAE Based Coaching Startup Smart Inspiration UAE Training Creates Disruption

Pointing to a painting Elizabeth beaming with pride says; “this is going into a sheikh’s office this week.” The painting was done by one of her architect students on her ongoing journey with Smart Inspiration UAE Training.

Co-Founded in 2019 by knowledge transfer expert Dr. Eng. Mohammed Ibrahim M Al Ali and Ms. Elizabeth Percy, a veteran Corporate Communications and Protocol Specialist, Smart Inspiration UAE Training is in the business of handholding students and professionals to achieve varied personal, artistic and, career-oriented goals through many professional courses and life skills – the courses are Communications and PR, PR and Podcast, PR and Creative Writing, Innate Intelligence, Genetic Behavior Analysis, Leadership Courses, Cultural Awareness, English Language for business and daily life and much more.

More than 140 students have to date benefited from Elizabeth’s method of mentorship. This is indeed a big number considering that it has been only a year since the company’s inception.

“The power of word of mouth is beyond any other marketing strategy and the impact we have created in the lives of our students goes a long way in bringing us a few more, every single day,” says Elizabeth.

The company embarks on the vision to ‘leave no mind behind’ and this vision has penetrated quite well in their service strategy that includes a wide array of programs and modules with a holistic approach with a corporate edge.

As the chief trainer at Smart Inspirations UAE, Elizabeth narrates the crux of her training methodology. “We address the basics. Every individual is unique and gifted. It lies with parents and teachers like us, to help them realize that gift and groom them to utilize it, in a manner that brings out the best version of themselves.”

Smart Inspirations UAE Training has partnered up with the team behind Rockence Genetic Behavior Analysis to better understand the cognitive skills of all learners. This diagnosis is a unique system of identifying an individual’s genetic design and basis which, students are trained to address their thought process, behavior, and lifestyle in support of personal and professional growth. Combining holistic solutions with cognitive skill-based training, Elizabeth provides one-on-one training for students to help deal with their distinguished and dynamic environments.

Raised with the goodwill of Kuwaiti Royals for whom her mother served as a doctor, Elizabeth was groomed in the areas of Arabic Hospitality and Royal Protocol from a very young age. She has imparted this knowledge and has trained many students in this area of ‘the Protocol of Royals’ as well.

The students of Smart Inspiration UAE Training are of various nationalities and of different ages, starting from the age of 6 onwards. Many of her students are from the fields of Engineering, Architecture, and Law. Elizabeth’s experience in the world of aviation as a PR personnel has also brought in clients who are cabin crew and who wish to learn to keep a cool head in the face of emergencies.

‘Throughout my journey with Smart, I learnt how to unblock my creativity, I started finding my passion for writing again and thus led me to enroll in Autobiography writing as I always wanted to be an author and today the process of learning has certainly put me in a better place and thus, I feel now is the right time.

The learning environment is set based on your current mood or feelings, Elizabeth went the extra mile in order to ensure I find the right space; where I can write, learn, heal and love myself again.’ Says Desiree Debeer, one of Smart Inspirations UAE.

Lina Kalwani another success story from Smart Inspirations shared her experience ‘I had a chance to train with Ms. Elizabeth Percy on innate intelligence, PR and Protocol and cultural awareness courses. Miss Elizabeth is a remarkable trainer who inspires her students to reach further, to aim higher, to take risks, to be bold, and to see possibility in any situation. I have noticed transformation and have seen considerable growth in my career.’

The training center, encourages students to have a hands on experience in order to be qualified as skilled learners.

With the Abraham Accords in place, Elizabeth has already started training many students in the area of cultural awareness of Jewish hospitality in the UAE. She has combined this module with the Arab culture for those in the corporate world in UAE.

The result of training at Smart Inspiration UAE Training are that students who have grown phenomenally in their careers while some have ventured into newer professions. One of the student’s is currently pursuing Geopathic Science which is a theory that links the earth’s radiations with the health of humans, animals, and plants.

At present, Smart Inspirations UAE Training provides online training to those residing outside UAE. In the future, Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim Al Ali and Elizabeth hope to expand to provide more clients with a wider variety of modules to keep up with their vision of “leaving no minds behind.”

Mariyam Abraham


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