SAL Announces Rebrand

Embracing growth and evolution, the brand launches a new identity to better communicate its global expansion and realigned value proposition.

12th May 2021, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates: SAL Communications, a strategy powerhouse that works with individuals and institutions across the UAE in the area of brand perception management today announced that it has completed its major rebranding. This move was taken in accordance to the brand’s continuing growth and expansion into global markets and the need to realign its value proposition amidst the rising demands of the brands global clientele.

SAL has been providing comprehensive perception strategy, branding and marketing solutions to individuals and institutions in the UAE and across the globe since 2018. Founded on the principle of leveraging the power of influence to create impact by Salin Amanda Louis- a young and dynamic marketing and communications professional, SAL is a creative niche venture that combines strategy, branding, marketing and communications to help individuals and businesses establish the right perception about themselves in the markets they operate.

The recent rebranding has included the creation of a whole new multitude of colours that represent a specific psychology and belief. The bright purple compliments the vibrancy within the team at SAL and the trend setting approach the brand brings forth to its clients.

As a brand that has embraced change and evolution since its inception, this latest
endeavour is set to keep up to SAL’s vision of creating game changers and impact makers through curated perception management.

“I am extremely happy and proud that we’ve been able to survive the most difficult times and still continue to grow, expand and thrive. Our new identity is a sign of our continued commitment to evolve ourselves and address the aspirations of our expanding global clientele”. Says Amanda, the founder and managing director at SAL Communications about the recent development at SAL.

“While this is a significant change, our core beliefs haven’t changed. Over the last few months, we have poured our hearts and souls into creating a new image that would accurately depict who we are, at our core as a team”. She added.

SAL expands its wings to Australia, Malaysia, India and larger parts of the MENA region through strategic partnerships in an effort to spread the perception management concept and handhold brands that wish to embrace this idea for better growth prospects. In the next two years, the brand aims to expand its base to the larger Asian Subcontinent with a client growth rate of over 60%.

About SAL Communications:

SAL is a strategy powerhouse providing comprehensive perception strategy, branding and marketing solutions to individuals and institutions in the UAE and across the globe.

As problem solvers and growth enablers, SAL helps clients redefine their strategic intent, align their position in the market and find better ways to create lasting impressions with their stakeholders; handholding them through their journey from recognition to reputation and revenue generation.

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Mariyam Abraham
Consulting Associate – SAL

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